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What is a DTC off


What is a “fault code”?

DTC Delete Tuning Service. Vehicle fault codes or vehicle P codes are also known as Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC). These are codes  and data in the the vehicle’s ECU to indicate there is an issue with the engine management system. The purpose of a fault code is to help identify the area and location of the issue. And hence helping repair technicians trace and fix an issue.

DTC and fault codes are made up of one letter and 4 numbers that allow identification of an error and understand the reasons of its occurrence. The first character is a letter, typically a P for the engine management system. And  the 4 remaining characters consist of numbers that provide a component or type of issue identified.

ECU P-Code Delete Services, Fault Code Delete Services and DTC Delete Services

P-Code Removal

As well as ECU vehicle tuning and engine remapping services. Immo off online can offer a DTC Delete Tuning Service and ECU P-Code delete service. As well as, fault code delete services and DTC delete services. Therefore Immo off online can permanently remove and delete persistent and troubling fault codes from within an engine ECU software.

Function Delete and Fault Code Removal

Removing functions from an engine

Some owners may want to remove certain functions from the engine and engine management system. For example, this can include functions and components such as swirl flaps delete, EGR delete, start stop, etc.

When this is done, the engine management system will normally raise a Fault Code or P Code, leading to the “check engine light” being illuminated. Immo off online can disable this function and engine fault code, and hence prevent the engine dropping into “limp home” mode.

Ghost Engine Fault Codes

Is there a ghost code in the car ?

From time to time all vehicles will develop a fault code and a check engine light issue. Normally these issues are quickly traced and a repair is undertaken. However, occasionally vehicles can develop a “ghost fault code” a fault code or P code that may initially clear. But, soon comes back to haunt the owner, randomly coming on for no reason and one which becomes almost impossible to trace and repair.

If you are being haunted by a ghost fault code that will just not clear. Immo off online can help. With full access to the engines ECU and software. Immo off online can track and trace the code within the ecu and remove it permanently, leaving all other functions intact and working.

Fault Code Delete - Services to the Trade

The Immo off online DTC Delete Tuning Service can support both retail customers with removing troublesome fault codes. And if you are in the trade and regularly require removing codes of this nature. Immo off online can supply files so that you can quickly and easily remove fault codes permanently.

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