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                                                              ADBLUE SYSTEM DEACTIVATION

The AdBlue system consists of injecting a mixture of mineralized water and urea into the exhaust. This significantly reduces NOx emissions. However, defective, it can annoy motorists. Thus, many prefer to deactivate AdBlue.

This system is particularly designed for vehicles with diesel engines which have a selective catalytic reduction system, called SRC, and also for heavy goods vehicles.

These vehicles also have a specific tank. When empty, you will notice a warning light on the dashboard that comes on. Also, in the event of a shortage, the vehicle's engine goes into degraded mode or, again, it can no longer restart.

On the other hand, using impure water is likely to threaten your catalytic converter which can seriously damage the vehicle. A problem with AdBlue can result in: Very low engine power Unusual fumes A degraded mode of the engine AdBlue system fault code illuminating on dashboard Exhaust system clogging

The source of the problem may be at: The AdBlue injector: faulty or seized up injector. Thus, injection is no longer possible. The catalytic converter: when it is faulty, burned, melted or damaged, it will no longer be able to ensure proper operation of the exhaust gas post-treatment system. In addition, in the long term, this is likely to clog the particle filter. Particle filter: it can be clogged as a result of very frequent short journeys, automatic regeneration which has not been carried out, etc. SCR: NOx sensors can generate SCR incidents which are managed by the ACM control module, this is common in the event of an SCR failure.

Removing AdBlue is prohibited by law, however, deactivating AdBlue will allow you to save fuel and AdBlue liquid.

This will also be useful for conserving engine power.

On which cars?

Almost all brands and, in particular, vehicles that have Bosch EDC17 and MD1 ECUs.

The Peugeot and Citroën and DS BlueHDI

Renault BlueDCI vehicles with Bosch EDC17 and MD1 computers

Mercedes BlueEfficiency as well as Mercedes Bluetec based on Bosch ECUs BMWs that also have Bosch ECUs

The VW Audi Seat Skoda BlueMotion

Fiat and utility vehicles (for example, Ducato type, etc.)

IVECO commercial vehicles with Bosch EDC17 computers Etc.

Immo off online offers you an electronic solution. In fact, we are modifying the engine computer program in order to electronically deactivate the management of the AdBlue system. This manipulation is undetectable and undetectable. When the AdBlue is removed or deactivated, these elements remain connected, however, they can no longer operate: the pump, the Nox sensor, the catalyst, the temperature sensor, the AdBlue injector, the AdBlue level in the tank, etc. Remark : Vehicles with an Unable to Start message are reset.

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