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Terms and Conditions

Dear users of the Immo off online site, please read all terms and conditions carefully. You may only use the services of this website if you agree and are fully aware of all provisions. If these terms and conditions are not clear to you, or if you do not fully agree with them, you should not use the services of this website.

It should be noted that all activities of this website have been developed in accordance with international regulations and standards for electronic repairs, and it acts according to the rules of this structure.

By placing an order, making a first purchase or using the services of the Immo off online website, you accept all the terms and conditions listed below and comply with the following.


All material, intellectual property and rights on this site are governed by copyright laws. Copying of content, republication of logos, files, methods and algorithms are prohibited.
The user does not have permission to make this information available to students for educational purposes or technical centers, to republish files downloaded from the online system.

File modification plan

All file modifications are done by the Immo off online team.


Regarding the fact that we have no presence, monitoring system, knowledge of ECU status, overwritten data file, file correctness, completeness, file quality, file compatibility and compliance, users upload to the online system, we have no legal responsibility in this regard.

The Immo off online website is not directly or indirectly responsible for the consequences of this case, such as a failure or malfunction of the vehicle's electronic system at the time of the accident, resulting in injury, loss of life or property during the accident or the ECU repair procedure.

The Shop Technician is responsible for following precautions and standards and verifying the correctness and completeness of the system, parts, sensors and circuitry. In addition, in some countries there are rules not to remove the immobilizer, DPF, ADblue system or EGR, or the repair must be carried out with special permits from certain agencies. This problem should be investigated and observed by the repairer.


The Immo off online website offers a 100% return payment guarantee for file changes. All file modification algorithms and methods have been designed by experts in this field and validated by users.

If there was any problem in the process and method of editing files related to the online system, you can contact the support team and they will try to solve your problem.

If you are not satisfied with the response from the technical and support team or if any problems are caused by the file editing process, your payments will be refunded.

After sales service

The warranty and after-sales service are reserved for users who have made the purchase on this website. The Immo off online website has no legal responsibility to respond to or support any third parties or individuals.

Downloading an inappropriate file or serial number.

On Online System has no warranty or refund for issues caused by uploading incorrect files, dumps without crashing data, incorrect size, incomplete information, corrupted dump or empty file.

Contact method

This website is only responsible for customers who have placed an order in the online system. We have no moral or legal responsibility to respond to the intermediary or third party. Customers can contact us through the email address.

Content Accuracy

The information and all content published on the website in the form of texts, photos, videos and audio, links or any other format are not necessarily correct, complete and up-to-date. Also, this center has no responsibility for typographical errors, notifying users of updates and changes to the website. The user must follow these rules at all times, and this center has no responsibility for incorrect or incomplete information in this regard.

Other cases

This center has no legal responsibility for the uploaded file, such as copyright and consequences arising from illegal files.

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